Best 13 Keyloggers for Windows 2024

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Summary: Spyrix Personal Monitor is not just another simple keylogger. A wide range of features, such as capturing screenshots, visited websites, social media and apps activity, broadcasting screen and webcam live, make it a perfect parental tool for remote monitoring of children. Full Review


Summary: SpyAgent is a surveillance system for PC with a set of comprehensive monitoring features that will help you keep an eye on someone’s computer activity 24/7. It allows remote monitoring and control, sends out ... Full Review


Summary: Refog Personal Monitor is a keylogging software for Windows that is nearly impossible to detect while it records nearly all PC activities performed on the monitored computer. It allows parents to keep an eye on ... Full Review


Summary: All In One Keylogger is, just like the name implies, an all-in-one solution for PC monitoring that will allow you to keep track of all activities performed on the monitored computer. Since it is entirely invisible, ... Full Review


Summary: Ardamax Free Keylogger is one of the less known keyloggers, but it definitely deserves our attention. It records everything that happens on the monitored PC from keyboard entries to sound from a microphone. All logs can be viewed ... Full Review


Summary: Best Free Keylogger Pro is more than just a simple keylogger. In fact, you can think of it more like a PC surveillance systems that comes with great keylogging and monitoring features while being completely invisible. It delivers ... Full Review


Summary: If you are looking for a reliable spy software, Elite Keylogger is an option worth considering. It comes with a variety of useful features such as keystrokes logging, remote installation and monitoring, clipboard monitoring ... Full Review


Summary: Revealer Keylogger Free is a reliable monitoring system for Windows that comes with useful keylogging and monitoring features that could help you keep an eye on someone’s computer activity. It comes in two versions; Free and Pro ... Full Review


Summary: Very functional and easy to use keylogger. Will come in handy if you are interested in home surveillance or parental control. Can be also used for employee monitoring. Available in 12 languages. Full Review


Summary: If you are looking for a good PC monitoring solution that is free of charge, Free Keylogger Platinum might be an option worth considering. It operates in the back while staying completely invisible to the users as all of their PC ... Full Review


Summary: Free Keylogger Remote in an all featured spy program that is entirely free of charge. However, it doesn’t lack the quality of features offered by some paid-for software and it performs quite admirably. This keylogging program is ... Full Review


Summary: If you wish to record all keystrokes and monitor activity on a specific PC, LightLogger Keylogger is one of the top keylogging programs to consider. It is fairly easy to install and set up and it offers a wide variety of monitoring options ... Full Review


A1 Keylogger


Summary: If you are looking for a reliable PC activity logger that is easy to use at the same time, A1 Keylogger might be just what you are searching for. This keylogging software is capable of recording all activity on the monitored computer while operating in Stealth Mode that makes it impossible to detect... Full Review